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Employment prerequisites:

Standard Responsibilities for Domestic Assistant

General household cleaning and cleaning.

Washing floors and different surfaces.

Vacuuming and cleaning.

Discharging of junk containers.

Cleaning restrooms, toilets, kitchens, front rooms, rooms and passages.

Expelling webs from roofs and dividers.

Help with keeping of any records which might be required by the director or Registering Authority.

Guideline Responsibilities for Kitchen Assistant

To watch Food Hygiene codes.

To keep the kitchen spotless and clean consistently during working exercises guaranteeing the dishwasher is utilized fittingly and left perfect.

To guarantee kitchen is left spotless and remaining food is securely put away or discarded.

To set tables, streetcars and plate with suitable food, porcelain, cutlery for tidbits and suppers, serving in required spots.

To help other staff to get ready and serve food.

To help other staff in the cleaning schedule.

To finish records as required.

To follow the Company’s Health and Safety Policy.


Act respectfully toward inhabitants and their guests, regarding the nobility and distinction of every occupant and guarantee compelling correspondence is kept up.

Partake in Staff and Client gatherings as and when required.

To guarantee chief is educated regarding any issues or concerns with respect to inhabitants, staff individuals and building.

Different Duties

Continuously act in a way which regards and advances the privacy of Service Users, Staff and some other included gatherings.

Cling to all Company approaches and methodology

You might be required to perform different obligations inside your ability, as per the necessities of the business.

To guarantee secrecy is advanced and kept consistently in accordance with GDPR.

To join in and take part in staff gatherings. To go to management and examinations.

To go to all obligatory preparing when required and whatever other preparing when a need has been recognized.

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